SimpleBM, Simple Battlemap

Until the complete version of the application, SimpleBM will not delete any map.
After the Beta of SimpleBM, free maps will be deleted after 48 hours of existence.

Demo as Boss : access to the map already created but used by everyone
Demo as Player : access to the map already created as a simple player

Critical/Failure Generators

Create a new map And be the Boss of this SimpleBM

Join an existing map As player or Boss and have fun !

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2021-10-05, Back Online

The server and the code are back !

2016-06-01, Generators

In creation to include specific generator to help the game. First I will implement the Critical Hit and the Critical Failure generators : when to roll 20 or 1 on the dice, these generators can help you to maintain the game at a high level of funniest.

2015-12-03, Translation

Create a French version of this site but not the blog and not the map.

2015-12-03, Recovery MAP ID

In a tab now, when you submit your email address it gives you the information without reloading the site.

2015-12-02, Chrome fix

Chrome seems to have a problem and connect Websocket before everything is loaded in the page. It's now fixed.

2015-12-02, SimpleBM restructuration

Don't want to show any resources (help, books, rules, class, feats...) for RPG, SimpleBM will offer only tools on this website.

2015-01-30, MAPID, HOME and more

The function Map Name in the MENU list when you are connected as BOSS is now available. You can change the random MAP ID created the first time to anything, minimum 3 characters.

The HOME page gives you tabulations to access some functions like Create, Join, Contact and the new Blog where we can talk about the project.

2015-01-28, option value optimization

When you select a token or an object, everything is better and faster. The object will pulse to indicate you selected it.

2015-01-27, token options

As a BOSS, you can select a token and choose different options :
Green Tag, GREEN circle indicate control by everyone
Red Tag, RED circle indicate control by BOSS only
Blur Portrait, YELLOW circle indicate INVISIBLE to simple players